Karkloof Falls Height

Karkloof Falls Height – How Tall?

Karkloof Falls height is 105 m (344.4882 ft).

Meters: 105 m
Feet: 344.4882 ft
Inches: 4133.858 in
Kilometers: 0.105 km
Miles: 0.06524398 mi

Karkloof Falls is a little waterfall located in Valle, Karkloof Rd, Howick, 3290, South Africa, and it sits in the Midlands of KwaZulu Natal. Also, the water leading to the waterfall passes through a densely forested area, before plunging down at the Shafton Grange.

About Karkloof Falls

For those desperately in need of seclusion, privacy and those looking to avoid tourist traps. This waterfall can come in handy, as the environment is extremely beautiful and calm. The river is loitered with clean pools, that tourist can dip themselves in. Tourist visiting Karkloof falls walk on a tarred road. Observation of silence is a must. In fact, children younger than 13 years are not allowed there.

The Karkloof Conservation center is located around there. The center charges visitors on average R20 (rand) per person. The facilities are on point. For hiking and walk, ask for a tour guide around, so you don’t get lost.

Other Facts

Asides Karkloof Falls height of 105 m (344.4882 ft), below are some other facts:

  1. It has an infant waterfall above it called Woodhouse Falls.
  2. A farmer who fell from his horse after the animal tripped named the waterfall.
  3. This event took place in 1885.
  4. The Karkloof Falls is on the Midlands of KwaZulu Natal.