Talia Balsam Height – How Tall?

Talia Balsam height is 171 cm (5 ft 7.32 in).

Meters: 1.71 m
Feet: 5.610236 ft
Feet-inches: 5 ft 7.32283 in
Inches: 67.32283 in
Centimeters: 171 cm
Millimeters: 1710 mm
Kilometers: 0.00171 km
Miles: 0.001062545 mi
Nautical miles: 0.0009233261 nmi
Yards: 1.870079 yd
Light-years: 1.807510032E -16 ly.

About Talia Balsam (Net Worth)

Talia Balsam is worth US$ 4 million. She got much of her money from acting in television series.

She is an American actress that was once married to George Clooney. Also, she was born on March 5, 1959, to Martin Balsam (father) and Joyce Van Patten (mother).


Talia Balsam has been married twice. In 1989, she married George Clooney, but they divorced in 1993. In 1999, she married John Slattery and has been with him since. From her marriage to John Slattery, she has a son Harry Slattery.

Her father Martin Balsam was a Hollywood actor and her mother Joyce Van Patten was a Hollywood actress.


Talia Balsam has mostly starred on television. She acted as Nancy Croft in Happy Days (1977), as Allison in The Initiation of Sarah (1978), as Rita Briggs in Dallas (1978), as Doreen in The Millionaire (1978), as Noranne Wing in OHMS (1980), as Sally in Hill Street Blues (1982), as Diane in Cagney & Lacey (1983), as Carrie Newman in Family Ties (1983), as Gail in Tales from the Dark Side (1987), as Paige in Thirtysomething (1989-1990), as Ms. Melanie Karlsen in Life Goes On (1991), as Cathy Reno in Jake and the Fatman (1991).

She also acting in some films. She acted as Liz Dolson in the 1984 movie Mass Appeal, she also acted as Lori Bancroft in Crawlspace (1986), as Pvt. Angela Lejune in The Supernaturals (1986).

Other Facts

  1. She is a second-generation actress, both paternally and maternally.
  2. Most of her acting has been on television.
  3. She grew up in Tucson, Arizona.
  4. She got married to her second husband John Slattery, in Hawaii.
  5. Also, Talia Balsam height is 171 cm (5 ft 7.32 in).