How to Grow Taller and Increase Height

10 Best Ways to Increase Height Naturally

As a short person (relatively speaking), a question that always bugged my mind was how I could increase my height naturally. Being short has its benefits, but I would rather be 6 feet tall than be the object of people’s armpit stench. In fact, to all short people, 1 centimeter in the height market is worth more than a carat of gold.

10 Best Ways to Increase Height Naturally

So, I set to work on my quest to discover ways to increase my height naturally. Unfortunately, most web publications were rather disappointing, but I actually found a few that actually worked. Hence, I outlined the 10 best ways to increase height naturally.

1. Increase Back and Upper-Body Strength

A common theme among short people is that they lack back and upper body strength. The importance of upper body strength is more apparent in ballet dancers. Since the time they are born, they are taught proper body posture. Also, they are even given dance routines that exercise their back and upper body strength. As such, in time, they eventually possess some of the most sculpted upper body physic.

2. Stretching the back regularly

I found an article online on A-grow-Bic ( by Dailymail), a woman actually grew by 3 solid inches after engaging in two months A-grow-Bics height gain program. The program consisted of rigorous exercises with more focus on stretching. After just two months into the program, the woman gained 3 inches.

3. Stop Sucking in Your Stomach to Look Fit

I discovered that stretching to gain some extra inches works better on people with shorter torsos. A common theme, I discovered among shorter people (myself included), is that I always sucked in my belly when tense. Although, sucking in my belly, made me more athletic, it failed to make me reach my final height in life. Back when I was younger, I was the youngest kid among my friends, yet I was the tallest. But things have changed, and I am now among the shortest.

Going on, I found an article that specified the need for pressure on the growth plate to cause growth in children. Hence why some children with slightly knocked knees, become very tall, later on in life.

4. Practice Yoga

Yoga positions are known to make use of gravity to increase body strength. Engaging in yoga, regularly, improves the body’s shape and posture. As such, a person automatically begins to look taller.

5. Avoid Stressful Environment

Some people are just the worst. They are just too toxic for you, and there is no way you come to an agreement with them. This is life (even Jesus couldn’t accept the acts of the Pharisees). These people are your enemies in life. You need to strife as much as possible, to avoid these type of people, since stress is known to induce health-related issues, including spine compression.

6. Exercise

Exercise is a must for a healthy lifestyle. We now live in a world heavily reliant on harmful chemicals called processed foods. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be going any time soon, since, there is too much corporate greed in the world. Your health is your responsibility and it is your duty to safeguard it.  Daily exercise is the right step to take in expelling these harmful processed foods from your system.

7. Wear Shoe Insoles

A single centimeter in the height market is the difference between bragging rights and insult rights. Some people are just mean, and like wolves, they always attack the weak (short people). If you don’t want to be severely roasted alive by these people, then you should consider wearing shoe insoles. They are cheap and always give you an immediate confidence boost.

8. Climb to the top of Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the highest point on earth, so technically, if you were at the summit – you would be the tallest person on earth. If you don’t want to be that tall, you can decide to climb the tallest mountain in Africa or any other mountain.

9. Train Neck and Spine

Common mistake trainers make is to neglect training the neck, when they engage in physical activities. But just to remind you, the neck is part of the spine and thus, should be treated as such. Back stretches should also, incorporate stretching of the neck. After all, a long neck is beautiful.

10. Swimming

All swimmers have tremendous upper bodies. Asides (sucking in the belly to look fit), all guidelines in this post can be ignored if only people are more willing to engage in swimming.

In conclusion, below are the 10 best ways to increase height naturally:

  1. Increase back and upper body strength.
  2. Stretching the back regularly
  3. Stop sucking in the stomach to look fit
  4. Practice yoga
  5. Avoid stressful environment
  6. Exercise
  7. Wear shoe insoles
  8. Climb to the top of Mount Everest
  9. Train neck and spine
  10. Swimming

Bonus Tip: Go to Space

Who would have thought that going to space could increase a person’s height? Well, an astronaut, after staying for 6 months in space, gained 3 inches to his height. If you are desperate for those extra couples of inches and have a deep pocket. Then book a ride to the international space station.