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Annapurna I Height – How Tall?

Annapurna I height is 8091 m (26545.28 ft).

Meters: 8091 m
Feet: 26545.28 ft
Inches: 318543.3
Kilometers: 8.091 km
Miles: 5.027514 mi

Annapurna I is the tenth highest mountain in the world. It stands at an elevation of approximately 8,091 meters (26,545 feet) above sea level. Annapurna I is located in the Himalayas in north-central Nepal. The mountain is part of the Annapurna Massif, which includes several other notable peaks. Annapurna I is renowned for its challenging climbing routes and its stunning beauty, attracting experienced mountaineers from around the world. Despite its lower elevation compared to some of the other eight-thousanders, Annapurna I is considered one of the most dangerous mountains to climb due to its steep terrain and unpredictable weather conditions.

About Annapurna I

Annapurna I is located at Annapurna Himalaya and is the tenth tallest mountain in the world with a height of 8091 meters.  Also, Annapurna I is located in Gandaki Zone, Nepal. Its coordinates are 28°35′46″N 83°49′13″E.


A difficult mountain to climb, Annapurna has officially claimed more lives than any other mountain on earth. More climbers have died on the Annapurna I, than have died in the other 14 eight-thousanders. In fact, just in 2014, 43 people were killed, and about 173 people injured near or on the mountain. It is estimated that about 100 people have lost their lives on the mountain. The most frequent cause of death on the Annapurna I is falling off the cliff.

On 18 May 1973, Rinje, Kazumi Katagiri, Masanori Hama, Sadatoshi Takahashi, and Tadashi Ushigoe, were swept away to their death by an avalanche.

Also, on 30 May 1970, Ian Clough of the United Kingdom, fell off the face of the Annapurna I. On 26 September 1973, Miller Rava and Leo Cerruti (both from Italy), were killed by a combined rock and ice avalanche.

Furthermore, on 17 October 1978, Alison Chadwick-Onyszkiewicz and Vera Watson, were killed after the fell off the mountain.

Notwithstanding, on 19 September 1979, Gil Harder (United States), Maynard Cohick (United States) and Eric Roberts (United Kingdom) were also killed by an avalanche while climbing the mountain.

Also, on 27 September 1981, Pemba Tshering (Nepal) and Ang Nima (Nepal), were killed by an avalanche on the mountain.

The very next day 28 September 1981, Yves Favre and Andre Durieux (both from France), were killed by another avalanche on the mountain.

Other Facts

  1. Annapurna I has claimed more lives than any eight-thousander.
  2. The name Annapurna means Goddess of the Harvests.
  3. The mountain can be seen and viewed from Poon Hill.

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