Annapurna II Height – How Tall?

Annapurna II height is 7937 m (26040.03 ft).

Meters: 7937 m
Feet: 26040.03 ft
Inches: 312480.3 in
Kilometers: 7.937 km
Miles: 4.931823 mi

Annapurna II is the 16th highest mountain in the world. It stands at an elevation of approximately 7,937 meters (26,040 feet) above sea level. Annapurna II is located in the Annapurna Himal range of the Himalayas, in north-central Nepal. The mountain is part of the Annapurna massif, which includes several other significant peaks. Annapurna II is renowned for its challenging climbing routes and its stunning beauty, attracting experienced mountaineers from around the world. Despite its lower elevation compared to some of the other 8,000-meter peaks, Annapurna II presents significant technical challenges due to its steep terrain, icy conditions, and unpredictable weather.

About Annapurna II

Annapurna II (located in Nepal) is the 16th highest mountain in the world. Its parent mountain – Annapurna I – is the (10th Highest Mountain on Earth). The summit was first reached on May 17, 1960, by the British/Indian/Nepalese team. The summit was reached again in 1969, by a Slovenian mountaineer: Yugoslavs.

Image Credits: निर्मल अधिकारी.