Bawa Falls Height | How High?

Bawa Falls Height – How Tall?

Bawa Falls height is 103 m (337.9265 ft).

Meters: 103 m
Feet: 337.9265 ft
Inches: 4055.118 in
Kilometers: 0.103 km
Miles: 0.06400123 mi
Nautical miles: 0.05561555 nmi

About Bawa Falls

Bawa Falls are waterfalls, located in Eastern Cape Province South Africa with a height of 103 m. Also, the waterfalls are horsetail waterfalls – meaning the waterfall falls over a series of steep or vertical slope. Furthermore, Bawa Falls is located in the Transkei region of the Eastern Cape province, South Africa. Finally, the coordinates of the Bawa Falls are 32° 23′ 36″ S, 28° 7′ 43″ E.

Average Width & Flowrate

Like most waterfalls, the Bawa Falls width increases during the rainy season and reduces during the dry season. The average width of the Bawa Falls is 2 meters (5 feet). There has not been a documented measurement, of the waterfalls, flow rate.

Some Facts About Bawa Falls

Firstly, few people actually know about the Bawa falls, and the fact that it is located in South Africa. Secondly, the waterfalls are close to the village of KwaNdotshanga, South Africa. Thirdly, the waterfalls fall from a steep, vertical slope. Fourthly, the waterfalls is a horsetail type of waterfall. Fifthly, the falls is near Butterworth. Finally, asides the fact that the waterfalls have a height of 103 meters (338 ft). It also has a width of 2 meters (5 feet).

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