Bridal Veil Falls Height (Sabie)

Bridal Veil Falls Height (Sabie) – How Tall?

Bridal Veil Falls height is 146 m (479.0026 ft).

Meters – 146 m
Feet – 479.0026 ft
Inches – 5748.031 in
Kilometers – 0.146 km
Miles – 0.09072019 mi

About Bridal Veil Falls

The Bridal Veil Falls is a very high waterfall, located in Mpumalanga, South Africa with a height of 146 m (479 ft). Also, the waterfall should not be confused with other Bridal Veil Falls (Niagara) and Bridal Veil Falls (New York).


Firstly, the Sabie waterfalls are close to a forestry town called Sabie. Secondly, the waterfalls can also be accessed by car. Thirdly, there are picnic grounds near and around the falls area. Fifthly to access the waterfalls, one must do a little physical activity (15 minutes walk) along a 1-kilometer footpath that leads to the Bridal Veil Falls. Finally, the Falls in South Africa is not the only waterfall bearing the Bridal Veil Falls.

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Image Credits: Lesley J Turner