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Cary Grant Height – How Tall?

Cary Grant height is 186.5 cm (6 ft 1.4252 in).

Meters: 1.865 m
Centimeters: 186.5 cm
Feet+Inches: 6 ft 1.4252 in
Feet: 6.118766 ft
Inches: 73.4252 in

About Cary Grant

Cary Grant is was a famous Hollywood actor with a height of 186.5 cm (6ft 1 in).

Cary Grant was born on January 18, 1904, as Archibald Alexander Leach, to Elias James Leach (father) and Elsie Maria Leach (mother). An English-American actor he has acted in more than 50 movies. He acted as Stephen Mathewson, in 1932 movie ‘This is the Night’. He also starred as Nick Townsend, that same year in Blonde Venus. Other of his works include ‘Alice in Wonderland (1933)’, ‘Ladies Shoul Listen (1934)’ etc.

On February 9, 1934, Cary Grant got married to Virginia Cherrill, but the pair separated on March 26, 1935. He has been married five times. He died on 29 November 1986.

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Image Credits: Wikimedia