Chris Ciaffa Height – How tall?

Chris Ciaffa height is 173 cm (5 ft 8.11024 in).

Meters: 1.73 m
Feet+Inches: 5 ft 8.11024 in
Feet: 5.675853 ft
Inches: 68.11024 in
Centimeters: 173 cm

About Chris Ciaffa

Chris Ciaffa is a famous Hollywood actor and producer with a height of 173 cm (68 in). Currently married to Mimi Rogers; he prefers to live life under the radar.

Net Worth

Chris Ciaffa has an estimated net worth of US$10 million. Also, he got most of his money from directing movies. Furthermore, he owns a massive house in the United States, that is worth a lot of money. Also, he lives in an expensive house with his wife Mimi Rogers and two children.


Chris Ciaffa got married to Mimi Rogers in 2003. She bore him two children. Lucy Julia Rogers-Ciaffa born on 20 November 1995 and Charlie Rogers-Ciaffa born 30 July 2001.


Chris Ciaffa has directed many movies. He has worked on  Doctor Mordrid (1992), National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989), The Devils Arithmetic (1999), Trancers III, Doctor Mordrid and Unstoppable (2010).

Other Facts

Firstly, he was born in 1963. Secondly, he has two children Lucy Julia Rogers-Ciaffa and Charlie Rogers-Ciaffa. Thirdly, he is currently married to Tom Cruise‘s former wife Mimi Rogers. Thirdly, he produced the movie My Horrible Boss (2001), Harlan County war (2000) and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989). Asides those movies, he produced Trancers 3 and Doctor Mordrid.

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