Christian Bale Height – How Tall?

Christian Bale height is 183.2 cm (6 ft 0.13 in).

Meters: 1.832 m
Feet+Inches: 6 ft 0.13 in
Feet: 6.01 ft
Inches: 72.13 in
Centimeters: 183.2 cm

About Christian Bale

Christian Bale is an English-American actor with a height of 183.2 cm (6 ft 0.12 in). Also, he was christened Christian Christian Philip Bale at birth; David Bale – South African entrepreneur – was his father. His mother’s name is Jenny James (a circus performer).

Bale got married to Sandra Blažić in 2000; with her, he has two children. He has also starred in many movies: Swing Kids (1993), Little Women (1994), etc.

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