Chrysler Building Height – How Tall?

Chrysler Building height is 319 m (1046.59 ft).

Meters: 319 m
Feet: 1046.59 ft
Inches: 12559.06 in
Kilometers: 0.319 km
Miles: 0.1982174 mi

About Chrysler Building

Chrysler Building is a tall skyscraper in New York City with a height of 319 m (1046.59 ft). Furthermore, it surpassed the 40 Wall Street building to become the World’s tallest building. Also, The Architectural style used in designing the Chrysler building is the Art Deco. Finally, it was then later surpassed by the Empire State Building, as the World’s tallest building.

Tourism (Observation Deck)

From 1930 to 1945, the Chrysler building had an observation deck called ‘celestial’. The deck was located on the 71st floor. In 1945, the observation deck was closed to the general public. Today the former observation deck serves as a radio and television broadcasting station.

Other Facts

Firstly, the Chrysler building is located at 405 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan, New York 10174. Its coordinates are 40°45′6.12″N73°58′31.08″W. Secondly, it held the record for the World’s tallest building for 11 months. Thirdly, the building is owned by Abu Dhabi Investment Council (90%) and Tishman Speyer (10%). Fourthly, there are 77 floors in the building and it also has 32 lifts/elevators. Fifthly, the Chrysler building contains three thousand, eight hundred and sixty-two (3,862) exterior windows. Sixthly, it got designed by American architect William Van Alen. Seventhly, the roof of the building is located 925 ft (282 m) above ground level. Finally, the top floor of the building is 899 ft (274 m) above ground level.