CN Tower Height
Image by Reto Höhn from Pixabay

CN Tower Height – How Tall?

CN Tower height is 553 m (1814.304 ft).

Meters: 553 m
Feet: 1814.304 ft
Inches: 21771.65 in
Kilometers: 0.553 km
Miles: 0.3436183 mi

About CN Tower

CN (Canadian National) Tower is a high rise tower constructed for communications and observation with a height of 553 m (1814.304 ft). Also, it held the record for the tallest building in the world from 1975 to 2007. Furthermore, it is owned by the Canada Lands Company.

The cost of constructing the CN Tower is $63 million CDN. Adjusted for inflation this will be about $100 million USD. Also, the tower also contains 360 restaurants and gift shops for tourists. Finally, the Canadian Nation tower like the name implies is located in 301 Front Street West TorontoOntario Canada, and its precise coordinates are 43°38′33.36″N79°23′13.56″W. 

Edge Walk & Glass Floor

The CN tower contains some incredible thrills for thrill lovers. Just above the 360 restaurants is the edge walk, where visitors are made to walk around a metal floor, at a height of 356 m (1,168.0 ft). If that wasn’t scary enough, inside the tower are see-through glass panes were visitors are made to stand on.

Other Facts

Asides the CN tower height of 553 m (1814 ft), we have outlined some other facts about the building. Firstly, the tower height is equivalent to a 147 story building. Secondly, it is the tallest free-standing structure in the western hemisphere. Thirdly, it has held the title of the world’s tallest tower. Fourthly, it is used by many media companies for broadcast. Fifthly, it is not considered a building but a tower. Sixthly, it contains many observation levels. Finally, the CN tower also contains a gift shop and a restaurant.

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