Columbia Center Height – How Tall?

Columbia Center height is 284 m, or 295 m (to tip).

Meters: 284 m, or 295 m (to tip)
Feet: 931.7585 ft, or 967.8478 ft (to tip)
Inches: 11181.1 in, or 11614.17 in (to tip)
Kilometers: 0.284 km, or 0.295 km (to tip)
Miles: 0.1764694 mi, or 0.1833045 mi (to tip)

About Columbia Center

Columbia Center is the tallest building in Seattle and Washington state with a height of 284 m, or 295 m (to tip). Built to cater to the need of commercial offices, It was designed by Martin Selig. Also, the Columbia Center is the tallest building in Seattle and Washington state. Furthermore, the Columbia Center is located at 701 Fifth Avenue, Seattle, Washington, United States. Its coordinates are 47.60453°N 122.33069°W.

Other Facts

Asides, Columbia Center height of 284 m, or 295 m (to tip), I have outlined some facts about the building below.

Firstly, the building is owned by Gaw Capital Partners. Secondly, the building cost US$200 million, adjusted for inflation, it would cost, approx. $460 million in 2018 dollars). Thirdly, construction of the Center started in 1982, and the Center was completed on January 12, 1985. Fourthly, the Center opened to the general public on March 2, 1985. Fifthly, the Columbia center has seventy-six (76) floors, forty-eight (48) lifts/elevators, it also has 7 underground floors and a total floor area in the building is 1,538,000 sq ft (142,900 m2). Sixthly, the Center is yearly held as the venue for the largest firefighter competition on earth. Seventhly, it was previously known as the Bank of America Tower Columbia Seafirst Center. Finally, it was developed by Martin Selig.

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