The Mystery of Ocean Bubble

Somebody Nobody

The sun, glowed crimson red in the distant, turning the skies into beautiful, indescribable scenery just as seen in Hollywood movies. It was the perfect evening, and Daisy had just closed from work. She was what everybody will call a crazy stupid fine girl. Tall for a woman, long-haired, curved, voluptuous, perfect eyes, perfect lips and a Godly smile. To top it off, she had the natural Victorian’s secret model walk, not the clunky, rickety steps seen in some ladies, who copied this walk, but the real wavy artwork called a walk, only possessed by the elite of the modeling world. It was a natural Godsend gift to her. Looking at her one would wonder why such a beautiful damsel, would be working as a mail delivery man, it just wasn’t meant for her, she was just too good-looking and belong somewhere else, heaven perhaps. Looking at her walk, time slowed to a halt, and although she wasn’t dressed to impress, one couldn’t help but wonder how she could look so stunning effortlessly. Her boss had made it a tough and hectic day, for her. The man was the definition of a douche bag and a dog, who makes it a priority, to go after anything wearing skirts, even Scottish men. From the day she began working as a delivery man, he had made it his personal and utmost goal to disturb her life. Always calling her to do abysmal jobs, like washing his toilet, arranging his cabinet, make coffee for him and so on. Today he had been utterly intolerable and if not for the fact that the pay of the job was ok, she would have resigned.

Just before she was too close at her designated time, being 3 pm when her shift ended, he had called her back and given her more odd and stupid jobs, which took an extra two and a half hours, of her time, so yeah she was returning home later than usual. But she wasn’t perturbed, her fiancé was in town, and God willing he was going to kiss away her bad day. He definitely was going to put his tongue to good use.

As she left the office building and walked to her car, she couldn’t help but have a flashback of how she met her handsome fiancé’.

She had first met her boyfriend at a frien… sorry, that was the first time she had, had the courage to go speak to the man. Actually, her fiancé had always been there, the first time she noticed him was in her final year in college. The first time she set her eyes on him, she had been perplexed and utterly taken aback. How hasn’t she noticed him before? He was ruggedly handsome, tall, broad chest, big chiseled jaw, piercing green eyes. When she first saw him, something magical had happened, she just couldn’t stop looking at him. She asked her friends about the guy, and they also, confirmed that they hadn’t noticed the guy either, but one thing was for sure they all were dying for the guy. And in that moment she knew that she had to make him hers.

Breaking all protocols, Daisy had walked up to the guy and sat beside him. The other girls were all eyes gaped but she didn’t care. She introduced herself to the guy, who for his size was shy. It was a very awkward moment and almost went like an interview, with her bombarding the poor guy with so many questions, and it was then, she got to find out that his name was John and other things. Needless to say, she had to break the conversation as she exhausted all ideas, and wasn’t about to come out as dumb as this guy.

John was, In fact, their senior and had actually taken a year off college, due to financial situations, and had just returned to round up his education. He was a true sweetheart.

Her next meeting with John had been at a party, organized for the graduating class. She wasn’t the one that liked partying but she made it a priority to go to the party and luckily for her, John also showed up.

She smirked at herself, as she remembered how she got him to loosing up. She had actually made John tipsy during the party, and after then did she get to see his other humorous side. They had to chat for hours on end, and finally went back to her dorm room, and for some reason, the gentleman didn’t bother tearing off her clothes. She had been receptive, but John wasn’t going to, as he mumbled something about her being drunk and so on. He wasn’t even willing to lie on the same bed with her and until careful persuasion on her part that she was feeling cold, he did agree to offer her body warmth. The next day, however, was different, thank God she hadn’t taking a lot of alcohol, to get a hangover.

She had woken up to feel John massive frame gripping her tightly, and it was then she felt it, hard, swollen and in need. She had then turned over to see John’s innocent face in want, and then it happened.

A loud car horn brought her back to reality, a car was pulling away from the car park, and she had been so engrossed and lost in her thought that she hadn’t noticed it. She smiled wryly at the car driver and apologized but the man still went ahead to give her the advice drivers dish out haphazardly.

‘Watch where you are going,’ the man shouted, hissing as he pulled away.

What a douche bag she thought, but another thought crossed her mind, he just wasn’t going to win the douche bag trophy her boss was holding.

She kept on walking and finally reached where her car was parked. She checked for the keys and to her surprise, she remembered that she had actually left it back at her desk. ‘What the fuck?’

She was about making it back to her office when she saw her boss running towards her.

What was wrong with this man? She thought. Obviously, he didn’t understand the meaning of boundaries. Why do some people not just understand simple (We can’t be together. Ever) In fact she had had enough with this complacent fool and was going to dish it out for him right now, hot and spicy. As she opened her mouth to talk, it was then she saw him from afar dangling her car keys. She didn’t know what to say again. For once, the fool had done something tangible with his life, bringing her, her car keys. To say she was delighted was an understatement. Her office was pretty far from the car park, and the thought of walking to and fro brought shudders down her spine. She was definitely grateful to her boss, and gradually but surely her anger toward him was gradually dissipating, that was until he started asking some stupid question.

‘Daisy, your keys.’ the fool had handed her keys, while smiling sheepishly, making a big fool of himself.

‘Thanks,’ Daisy said as she quickly collected the keys and made to enter her car to zoom off.

‘Wait,’ her boss said.

Daisy stopped dead in her tracks as if forced. Her brain had grown accustomed to being ordered around by the fool, and despite the fact that she hadn’t planned to stop, her mind had being conditioned to accept this man as her boss, and without her consent and knowledge, her mind had betrayed her, stopping her body on the beacon of its boss.

‘Shit,’ she muttered under breath.

‘What do you want sir,’ shit again, did she just call this buffoon sir. Damn her mind for betraying her a second time.

‘Well, I was thinking… maybe we could go out sometime?’ her boss asked sheepishly.

‘Where is all this coming from Dan?’ Daisy questioned.

‘Well, I like you.’ Dan her boss replied bluntly.

‘Well, you never know, who ends up liking you,’ Daisy said. ‘But I am sorry, me and you, going out, Never.’ Daisy said.

‘But why?’ Dan asked.

‘Because I am engaged that’s why.’ Daisy said as she put out her hand to reveal an engagement ring on her hand.

‘So, just like that, you are going to break my heart.’ Dan asked.

‘Well, yeah, of course, why not.’ Daisy had had enough, this man was clearly not in the right state of mind.

‘I will see you tomorrow.’ she said as she moved closer to her car, opened the front door, entered the car and drove off, making sure she riled up the dusk on the concrete to touch her boss.

She was driving home when her phone rang, five minutes had passed since she left that douche bag and he hadn’t stopped calling her since. She had mostly ignored the call, and kept on driving, with the thought of meeting her fiancé, when the phone rang again and she lost it. She took the phone to switch it off, and for some unknown reason, her sharp eyesight caught another number, calling her phone. It was the car repairman, a cool charming guy, who had helped her fix her car tires the other day.

She tried trying to remember the guy’s name, but nothing could come to her mind. Honestly, after she met John, she had being satiated of men, and even though men always hit on her, she was just too rigidly in love with John to ever care or notice their advancement.

She tried remembering his name but nothing could come to mind. By now the call had been cut off as she didn’t answer the phone. Then her phone rang again and then she took a guess.

‘Hello Ocean,’ she replied. ‘How are you doing?’ She waited for a reply.

‘I am fine,’ was the response she got, which she sighed a sigh of relieve too. ‘I thought you had utterly forgotten about me and was expecting you to call me Methuselah or something.’

Obviously, the man was trying to lighten the mood, and Daisy laughed over the phone, at his not so funny joke.

‘I am sorry, I haven’t been able to call you back after you saved my life and tire the other day, work has been kind of hectic. ‘So what prompted you to call me at this odd time Ocean?’

‘I was just wondering, whether you were up for a drink, I am at a local bar right now.’

What was wrong with men’s obsession with her? First her douche bag boss, then this nincompoop out of the blue. He had to be out of his mind, Daisy thought, she barely knew him and he was offering to buy her a drink. She wanted to insult him over the phone, but not to seem rude, she said.

‘Good offer, but bad timing Ocean. You know very well that I have a corporate job which requires me to be sharp at all times. I wouldn’t want to go to work tomorrow with a hangover.’

‘What about dinner? What about we do something this weekend?’

Damn this car repairman for being pushy. She ought to give him a dirty slap over the phone.

‘No way Ocean, my fiancé just arrived and I can’t wait to see him.’

‘What about next week?’ Ocean asked.

For goodness sake, didn’t this man understand anything about personal space? She just told him she had a fiancé and yet he was still pestering her.

‘Okay Ocean, I will honor thy request for being so stubborn.’ But deep down she knew that after this call, she was going to destroy this line and buy a new one, she was just saying this to pacify the poor man and not hurt his feelings. He had being a gentleman throughout her car repair and it was the least she could do.

BAAM! A loud noise rocked her back to reality and with it, her car began to stir off the road. Her car continued skidding on the road and it was from her quick reaction and careful control, that she was able to maneuver the car to a safe place. Her car tire had burst. Basics road safety training requires a person never to push the brake pedal, whenever a car tire burst, because at that point, it was an unstable equilibrium, so Daisy had taken her foot off the gas and tried her best in holding the car and steering it off the road until it came to a standstill, she then left the car and went to her car bonnet to retrieve the spare.

She opened the bonnet and checked for the spare tire, but to her surprise, it wasn’t there. Damn, she had forgotten to put it back in the car after the last repair, and instead of the car repairman to remind her, he was asking her out. She then went back to inspect the tire to see whether she could manage it till she reached home, at least it was well into the night and there weren’t too many cars passing. It was hopeless, a huge sharp metal had punctured the tire and at this point, the tire had lost all the pressure in it.

She then started contemplating on what she was going to do, should she call her fiancé, to come pick her up. No, he didn’t have a car around as he had flown from another state. She was still contemplating when at long last she decided her best option was to call the car repairman to help her out. Thank God she hadn’t been rude to the dude.

She went back to her car to retrieve her phone to make a call. Due to the sudden accident, she had actually flung her phone and it had scattered around the car.

Daisy took the different pieces of the phone, fix them together and tried putting on the phone.

She looked around to see that she was alone, and the entire area was entirely deserted, the whole area suddenly seemed darker and she started getting scared, so she quickly entered back into her car and locked it.

She then took the phone she had just arranged and dialed Ocean’s phone number, then took it to her ears and listened. The phone rung for a few seconds before he actually picked it.

‘I think, I will be taking those drinks straight away Ocean,’ Daisy said as Ocean picked up the phone.

‘But I thought, your fiancé was in town?’

‘Forget about him for now, I want you–‘

‘What is the matter? I am no fool daisy, what happened.’ Ocean sounded in slurred speech.

‘Ok, I will tell you the truth,’ Daisy said. ‘My car has a flat tire.’


‘Yes again.’

‘Well, I hope you are safe, are you inside the car?’

‘Yes, I am.’

‘Thank Goodness.’

‘Which place exactly are you?’

‘I am at the bypass leading to Hitchcock Street.’

‘Ok. Sit tight, I will be right there.’ Ocean said. ‘Let me get a grip of myself, I am coming.’ his voice sounding slurry.

‘Wait are you dru.’ before she could finish her statement, Ocean had already cut the call.

The only thing she could do now was to be calm in the car, but even she, couldn’t calm her nerves. The place she was at now was the worst possible place a person could get stranded. It was dark, gloomy and creepy, all three qualities for a good horror movie. But at least she was safe in her car, she just had to sit tight until Ocean came and picked her up.

The seconds ticked slower, and as they passed every future second seemed to become even longer. But at least she was in her safe box, her car.

She must have fallen asleep, due to overexertion, as she woke up abruptly since her ears had picked up a sound. And sure enough, just in front of her was a car, and the head lights were off. It wasn’t there a few seconds earlier. Then the light started flashing inside the car, Daisy started preparing her calves to flee at any moment.

Her phone ringing almost made her smash through her car windows. The lights in the other car weren’t still going off, and she was still looking at the lights before she decided to pick the call, without even glancing to see who was calling her.

‘Hey Daisy, is that your car by the road with a single light from within?’ Ocean voice sounded through the phone.

Of course, it had to be Ocean, Daisy cursed herself for being a little paranoid.

‘Yes, that’s me.’

‘Wave the light to and fro so I can confirm it’s you.’ Ocean said.

Daisy moved her phone to and fro as Ocean had requested. Then put the phone back to her ears.

‘Thank you.’

Ok, I will come to pick you now.

The other car in front of her suddenly came to life and drove gently till it was just beside her car. Then Ocean came out, walked to her car and gently tapped on the window at the driver’s side and called out her name.

Daisy was delighted, elated to say the least and she quickly and hurriedly opened her car, and then walked, almost ran to the other side and jumped into Oceans car, without a second thought.

Ocean then walked back to his car, opened the door and entered back into the driver’s side.

‘You can’t even welcome me? You just ran straight into my car, typical of you Daisy.’ Ocean said his voice slurry.

He reeked of alcohol.

‘Were you drinking?’ Daisy asked.

‘No,’ the man blatantly lied.

Daisy didn’t care about his lie though, the most important thing on her mind was to get back to her fiancé, ASAP. She just couldn’t wait to see him. They’ve never actually had normal penetrative sex, except loads of oral and today was the day they were going to do it in earnest, consulate their love by having sweet, enjoyable, missionary style penetrative sex and she just couldn’t wait. Thanks though to Ocean her guidance angel, she was going to repay someday somehow with cash.

‘So you dumped your boyfriend?’ Ocean asked.

At first, it seemed as if she didn’t hear it and her brain had misfired. But then her sharp brain imputed the sound puzzle and almost at once in her mind she said really?

‘So tell me the truth, do you like me?’

What was this man’s problem? If not for the fact that he had come to her rescue she would have used a hard material to knock him out, and then drive off in his car, but that would make her a savage wouldn’t it? Not that she wasn’t contemplating it though. She was now getting irritated at his advances.

She reached her boiling point when she felt Oceans hand on her lap, sliding into her crevice, her sweet spot.

‘What the fuck do you think you are doing?’ Daisy yelled. ‘I am going to report this to the cops.’

‘I am so sorry,’ Ocean sharply said. ‘But I thought that you had dumped your boyfriend. I am so sorry Daisy. I didn’t know what I was doing, probably due to the fact that I took a little alcohol and am now tipsy. Please don’t call the cops on me, I am begging you, I will take you to your destination and repair your car for free. Please don’t tell the cops, I beg you.’ Ocean pleaded.

He then started his pickup truck, but before driving he asked Daisy.

‘But why then did you call me? I thought you were into me.’

‘No, don’t be foolish, I just called you to help me out as my car broke down, not because I was into you. I am so sorry if you interpreted this the wrong way.’

‘No I totally understand, let me take you home. But please don’t call the cops on me, I just thought you like and couldn’t wait to jump on me, you know what I am saying right?’

‘Yes I understand, and I forgive you. I too am sorry’ Daisy said, feeling sorry for the poor guy. ‘But please we need to move right away.’


Just before Ocean could step on the gas, a cold hard metal rested on his head and Daisy’s head.

‘Stop this car, right now.’

Ocean felt the cold hard metal on the side of his head, but he was not about to let anything, not his fear of hard cold objects, or his fear of death, stopping him from pressing the gas pedal. The car was already in gear, he pressed down hard on the gas pedal, but before the car could move onwards some couple of feet, his legs were shot, but he didn’t care, pain alone wasn’t going to stop him from saving the life of Daisy, the woman he had of recent become infatuated with. He whizzed past the gun and looked at his mirror to see five men shooting at them, he looked at Daisy to see that she was alright and sure enough, her beautiful face hadn’t suffered any harm. It was scared but in entirety it was OK. He then looked back at the road ahead of him and continued pressing the pedal. He pressed the gas and the car started whizzing away as shots were fired at them. He pressed the pedal some more and as he pressed the pedal again, all of a sudden started to somersault. The men had shot the car tire. The car somersaulted three times before coming to an abrupt stop.

Ocean looked to the other side to see that Daisy was alright. Thank goodness, she had put on her seat belt. But she had passed out. Ocean tapped her hand and she came to.

‘Release your seat belt right now, we have to run.’

Daisy tried moving but was stuck, and Ocean had to shift closer to her to help her release herself. After much fidgeting, she was free, and the two of them made it out through her own side of the car.

As he wanted to take a step Ocean toppled over. He was bleeding profusely from the bullet wound, on his leg.

‘Run into the bushes, Daisy. You have to save your life.’ Ocean screamed at Daisy. But she wouldn’t listen to him, didn’t want to leave him behind.

‘You have to run, Daisy, right now. You have to go.’ he shouted again.

‘Look around, these men are all around. Running away from here is the best way to save both of us.’

Daisy looks around and when she saw that the men were nearly on them, she made away and started running towards the nearby bushes. Before she could even make it to the bushes, two men blocked her path and started dragging her back to the car.

‘No!’ Ocean screamed. And then a man hit him hard on the head. The next thing he saw as his vision dissipated was a struggling Daisy, fighting for her life, the all faded into nothingness.

Ocean woke up later to find himself in his upside down truck, battered, with Daisy by his side, white and dead and her cloth torn into pieces. He had done this to her. He started sobbing, he was scared. He came out of the car. Seeing the battered Daisy, Ocean lost his composure. He began to panic, and in that confusion he started running, running away from the crime scene, running away from even his truck. He ran as fast as he could, despite the fact that he had a bullet wound, he still ran, he was definitely loaded with adrenaline. Freeze! Was the next sound he heard all around him. Out of nowhere, cops poured in around him.

One of the cops a bold one then moved closer to him.

‘You have the right to remain silent everything you say or do, will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney…..

Ocean stared at the man as he continued mumbling his mumbo-jumbo, it wasn’t long before reality started to fade again. Then he finally lost consciousness.

She can’t be possibly dead? I just spoke to her. John asked himself. Daisy was dead, and there was no going back in time to change it. She was dead and it was now a stark reality he would have to accept. A few hours ago, she had called him that they should meet up and he had flown all the way from California just to meet her, his girlfriend, his fiancée, the love of his life. She was the only reason he had come to believe in the saying that love conquered all. To say he loved her with his life was an understatement. And now she was dead, not dead with the slightest chance of being revived but six feet dead. To be offered up as a sacrifice to the earth.

He was later told by cops that another man was found one of the criminals that killed the girl, his girl. The name of the criminal was Ocean, Ocean bubble.

The burial of his beloved was surreal and quiet. The rev father performed his customary rights, calling on God to take the soul of the girl and other stuff.

The funeral was scanty, apart from John and the girl’s mother, some few relatives, and some cops, there was nobody there.

John cried from the beginning of the burial to the end. He just couldn’t bear to watch his beloved being put to rest, but for some reason, he couldn’t take his eyes off the proceedings and endured through all of them.

He didn’t know which part was worst. The laying down of her coffin to rest or the covering of the hole, where the coffin lay. The man that did this had to pay and pay dearly he would pay.

After the burial, John was approached by some cops for some questioning.

Two men in suit, tall and menacing. One of them, the more laid back cops had scars all over his face and he wore a hat. The other cop, the more normal cop approached him and started questioning him.

‘Sir!’ he said. ‘How was your day? I hope it was good.’

‘What is so good about today?’ John asked. ‘The love of my life is dead and buried in the ground.’

‘I can see that,’ the man said. ‘And I can also see that you are not happy. Who wouldn’t be?