Doorn River Falls Height – How Tall?

Doorn River falls height is 90 m (295.2756 ft).

Meters: 90 m
Feet: 295.2756 ft
Inches: 3543.307 in
Kilometers: 0.09 km
Miles: 0.05592341 mi

Doorn River Falls height

The Doorn River falls (Nieuwoudtville Waterfall) is a waterfall located in Nieuwoudtville, South Africa with a height of 90 m (295.28 ft). Also, the NieuWoudtville Waterfall has its source from the Doorn River. Furthermore, the Dorn River Falls is located in Namakwa District Municipality, Northern Cape Province, South Africa. In fact, its precise coordinates are 31°22′S 19°6′E.


Some Facts About Doorn River Falls (Nieuwoudtville Waterfall)

Firstly, the Quiver tree forest (the second largest, quiver tree forest in the world), is located near the Dorn River Falls. Secondly, the NG Church is also close by. Finally, the ruins of The Ruins at Groenrivier – buildings of early pioneer and farmers are also located there.

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