Eiffel Tower Height – How Tall?

Eiffel Tower height is 300 m, 324 m (to tip).

Meters: 300 m, 324 m (to tip)
Feet: 984.252 ft, 1062.992 ft (to tip)
Inches: 11811.02 in, 12755.91 in (to tip)
Kilometers: 0.3 km, 0.324 km (to tip)
Miles: 0.1864114 mi, 0.2013243 mi (to tip)

About Eiffel Tower

A global and cultural icon, the Eiffel Tower has become the most paid visited tower in the world. Also, it broke many records after it was finished, most notably, it overtook the Washington monument and became the tallest man-made structure on earth, then. Furthermore, the Eiffel Tower is so popular that on average, about 5 million people visit it yearly. It is also the second-tallest structure in France, surpassed only by the Millau Viaduct.

Construction of the tower took approximately 2 years. It began on 28 January 1887 and ended on 15 March 1889. The tower was erected near river Seine, at such more slabs were needed due to the soft nature of the ground near the river. After it was finished on 15 March 1889, it wasn’t opened to the public till 31 March 1889.

Since its completion, the Eiffel Tower has become synonymous with France.

Eiffel Tower Las Vegas Height

Eiffel Tower Las Vegas height is 164.6 m (540.03 ft).

Meters: 164.6 m
Feet: 540.03 ft
Inches: 6480.32 in
Miles: 0.102 mi
Kilometers: 0.165 km

The Eiffel Tower has a lot of replicas. One of the most famous replicas is the Las Vegas Eiffel Tower. It has a height of 164.6 meters.

Why was the Eiffel Tower Built?

The Eiffel Tower was the main display of the 1889 exposition. It was constructed to showcase France as a global world power to the world. It was also constructed in honor of the centennial of the French Revolution. The tower served as the entrance arch for the World’s Fair in 1889.

Brief History

Eiffel Tower Las Vegas Height

Firstly, the Eiffel Tower was named after Alexandre Gustave Eiffel and it also serves as an observation and broadcasting tower. Secondly, construction of the tower began on 28 January 1887 and ended on 15 March 1889 and the tower was opened to the public on 31 March 1889. Thirdly, it is owned by the City of Paris, France and it has 3 floors and 8 elevators/lifts. Also, it has 1,665 steps. These steps can be used to climb to the top.

The tower was designed by Stephen Sauvestre and it was built by two structural engineers, Maurice Koechlin, and Émile Nouguier. Also, it has an official website. ​https://www.toureiffel.paris/en​​​. Furthermore, it held the record for the World’s tallest manmade tower for 41 years until it was surpassed in 1930, by Chrysler building. Asides that, the Eiffel Tower in its entirety weighs an astounding 10,100 tonnes. Inspiration for the tower was gotten from the Latting Observatory inbuilt in New York City.

Victor Lustig a notorious con artiste, duped many businessmen and sold the tower twice. Notwithstanding, the Eiffel Tower has many replicas around the world. Some of the most notable replicas are in Las Vegas and in World theme Park China.

Some Facts

In 2008, a woman married the Eiffel Tower. Also, Margareth Thacher and the Eiffel Tower share one thing in common, their nicknames. The Iron Lady (La Dame de Fer). Furthermore, the Tower was originally constructed to last for 20 years but was left after it became an instant global sensation.

Indeed, the Eiffel Tower consumes about 50 tonnes of paint every seven years when it is repainted. Also, it stands in Champ de Mars in Paris, a local area in Paris. Since it was opened to the public on 31 March 1889, some 250 million people have visited the tower.

There are two restaurants on the Eiffel Tower; The Le 58 Tour Eiffel located on the first level and Le Jules Verne on the second floor.

The Eiffel Tower height in light-years is 3.171070232E -15  ly or 3.42475585E -15 ly (to tip).

Like all new things, the tower was radical, and many hated its design.