Empire State Building Height – How Tall?

Empire State Building height is 381 m (to roof), or 443.2 m (to tip).

Meters: 381 m (to roof), or 443.2 m (to tip)
Feet: 1250 ft (to roof), or 1454.068 ft (to tip)
Inches: 15000 in (to roof), or 17448.82 in (to tip)
Kilometers: 0.381 km (to roof), or 0.4432 km (to tip)
Miles: 0.2367424 mi (to roof), or 0.2753917 mi (to tip)

About Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is a landmark building located in New York with a height of 381 m, or 443.2 m (to tip). It was the world’s tallest building for almost 40 years. The building is located at 350 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York 10118. Its coordinates are 40° 44′ 54.36″ N, 73° 59′ 8.36″ W. The Empire State Building is a popular tourist spot in New York. It has an observation deck on the 86th and 102nd floors.


Firstly, the building cost $40,948,900, when it was built, adjusted for inflation, it will cost $540 million in 2018. Secondly, the Empire State Building was designed by  Shreve, Lamb & Harmon. Thirdly, the construction of the building began on March 17, 1930, and finished on April 11, 1931. Fourthly, the building was opened to the general public on May 1, 1931. Fifthly, the architectural style of the building is Art Deco. Sixthly, it surpassed the Chrysler Building and became the world’s tallest building before it was surpassed by the North Tower of the World Trade Center as the tallest building on earth. Also, it has 73 lifts/elevators. The total floor area of the Empire State building is 2,248,355 sq ft (208,879 m2).

The building is owned by the Empire State Realty Trust and it makes more money from ticket sales than from office renting. Finally, the towers broadcast twenty-two FM stations and 11 television stations.