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Flatiron Building Height – How Tall?

Flatiron Building height is 87 m (285.4331 ft).

Meters: 87 m
Feet: 285.4331 ft
Inches: 3425.197 in
Kilometers: 0.087 km
Miles: 0.05405929 mi

About Flatiron building

Flatiron Building also was known as the Fuller Building, is a triangular skyscraper in New York City with a height of 87 m (285.43 ft). Also, the building is located in Manhattan, New York City, U.S.A, and its exact coordinates are 40°44′28″N 73°59′23″W. Furthermore, the Flatiron was mostly designed by construction firm D.H. Burnham & Co. Construction began in 1892 and the building was finally completed in 1902. Finally, the top of the building is described as having an acute angle of 25 degrees.

Other Facts

Firstly, the Flatiron Building was designed by architect D.H. Burnham & Co, Daniel Hudson Burnham, and Frederick Dinkelberg. Secondly, 23 Skidoo was a term used when wind, caused by the building triangular shape, will blow women skirts up. Policemen were forced to skidoo these perverted men away. Thirdly, a scene in the 1958 movie, Bell, Book, and Candle were filmed on top of the Flatiron building and it also served as Peter Parker’s working place in the Spiderman Movies. Fourthly, the building is considered one of the most photographed buildings in the world. Fifthly, the building also serves as headquarters for some popular fortune 500 companies. In fact, it serves as headquarters of publishing behemoth Macmillan.

Men’s room in the Flatiron building is on even floors, whereas women’s rooms are on odd floors. Also, it was built in the early 20th century served as a cruising place for gay men and prostitutes. Finally, the building is made up of 22 stories.