Gasherbrum IV (K3) Height

Gasherbrum IV Height – How Tall?

Gasherbrum IV height is 7932 m ( 26023.62 ft).

Meters: 7932 m
Feet: 26023.62 ft
Inches: 312283.5 in
Kilometers: 7.932 km
Miles: 4.928716 mi

About Gasherbrum IV

Gasherbrum IV also is known as K3, is the 17th highest mountain on earth with a height of 7932 m (26023.62 ft). It is located in Pakistan; its parent mountain is Gasherbrum III (highest sub-peak in the world). It is also the 6th highest mountain in Pakistan. The summit of Gasherbrum was first reached in 1958, by Walter Bonatti and Carlo Mauri. They used the north-east ridge to reach the summit. Its coordinates are 35°45′30″N 76°37′0″E.