George Clooney Height
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George Clooney Height – How Tall?

George Clooney height is 180 cm (5ft 10.87in).

Meters: 1.80 m
Feet+Inches: 5 ft 10.86614 in
Feet: 5.905512 ft
Inches: 70.86614 in
Centimeters: 180 cm

About George Clooney

Clooney also has known Gorgeous George, is an American producer, director and Hollywood actor. Born on May 6, 1961, to Nina Bruce (mother) also known as Warren and, Nick Clooney (father). Also, he was raised as a strict Roman Catholic but describes himself as an atheist.

George Clooney attended Blessed Sacrament School (elementary school), St. Michael’s School (elementary school), Western Row Elementary School. Furthermore, George Clooney is worth the staggering US $500 million. He got most of his money from his blockbuster movies, where he is paid outrageous amounts of money. Moreover, Clooney is worth the staggering US $500 million. He got most of his money from his blockbuster movies, were he is paid outrageous amounts of money. Family

George Clooney has been married twice. He married Talia Balsam in 1989, but they divorced in 1993. He then married high profile lawyer Amal Clooney in 2014, with whom he has two kids-  son, Alexander Clooney, and daughter Ella Clooney.

George Clooney is related to Rosemary Clooney(paternal aunt), Miguel Ferrer (paternal first cousin), Rafael Ferrer (paternal first cousin), Betty Clooney (paternal aunt).


George Clooney, like most Hollywood elite, has acted in both film and television.

In film he acted as Cadet Major Biff Woods in Combat Academy (1986), as Mac in Unbecoming Age (1992), as Bruce Wayne in Batman & Robin (1997), as Lt. Col. Thomas Devoe in The Peacemaker (1997), as Devlin in Spy Kids (2001), as Chris Kelvin in Solaris (2002), as Danny Ocean in Ocean’s Eleven (2001), Ocean’s Twelve (2004) and Ocean’s Thirteen (2007), as Jake Geismer in The Good German (2006), as Sparky the Dog (voice) in South Park (1997), as Matthew “Matt” King in The Descendants (2011).

He has also dabbled with television acting. He acted as Mark “Ace” Kolmar in E/R (1994-1995), as Kevin Stark in Street Hawk (1985), as Skip in Crazy Like A Fox (1985), as Bonnie’s Fiancee in The Building (1993), as Dr. Michael Mitchell in Friends (1995).

Some Facts About George Clooney

Firstly, his movies have grossed more than US$ 5 billion, combined. Secondly, in 2007, he was involved in a minor motorcycle accident. Thirdly, he has been named the most beautiful person on earth numerous times. Fourthly, he was a supporter for regcnotion of the Armenia genocide. Also, he supported gun control in the United States. His full name is George Timothy Clooney. He served as an altar boy in his high school. He has received two academy awards and three golden globe awards.