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Gyachung Kang Height – How Tall?

Gyachung Kang height is 7952 m (26089.24 ft).

Meters: 7952 m
Feet: 26089.24 ft
Inches: 313070.9 in
Kilometers: 7.952 km
Miles: 4.941144 mi

Gyachung Kang is the 15th highest mountain in the world. It stands at an elevation of approximately 7,952 meters (26,089 feet) above sea level. Gyachung Kang is located in the Mahalangur Himal range of the Himalayas, on the border between Nepal and China (Tibet). The mountain is notable for its striking double summit, with the main summit being slightly higher than the secondary summit. Gyachung Kang is less frequently climbed compared to some of the other 8,000-meter peaks due to its challenging climbing routes and technical difficulties. Despite its lower elevation compared to the highest peaks in the world, Gyachung Kang presents significant challenges to mountaineers due to its steep and icy terrain, as well as unpredictable weather conditions.

About Gyachung Kang

Gyachung Kang is the 16th highest mountain in the world – whose parent mountain is Cho Oyu (the sixth tallest mountain on earth). Also, it is part of the Mahalangur Himalaya mountain range and its coordinates are 28°05′53″N 86°44′42″E.

The summit of Gyachung Kang was first reached by a Japanese team in 1964. It is officially the highest non-eight-thousander.