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Himalchuli Height – How Tall?

Himalchuli height is 7893 m (25895.67 ft).

Meters: 7893 m
Feet: 25895.67 ft
Inches: 310748 in
Kilometers: 7.893 km
Miles: 4.904483 mi

Himalchuli, also known as Himālchuli, is a prominent mountain in the Himalayas, situated in the Gandaki Zone of Nepal. It stands at an elevation of approximately 7,893 meters (25,896 feet) above sea level, making it one of the highest peaks in the world. Himalchuli is notable for its striking appearance and challenging climbing routes. It is part of the Mansiri Himal range, which is known for its rugged and remote terrain. Despite its significant elevation, Himalchuli is less frequently climbed compared to some of the more well-known peaks in the Himalayas due to its technical difficulties and the remote location of its base camps.

About Himalchuli

Himalchuli is the eighteenth (18th) the highest mountain in the world and is located at Lamjung, Gorkha-Gandaki Zone, Nepal. It listed as an Ultra-prominent-peak. In fact, its precise coordinates are 28°26′03″N 84°38′15″E.

Its parent mountain is ​Manaslu (eight highest mountain on earth).​​​ Also, the first attempt to the summit was made on May 24, 1960 by Japanese, Hisashi Tanabe and  Masahiro Harada.