Horseshoe Falls (Sabie) Height
By nklette, CC BY 3.0, Link

Horseshoe Falls (Sabie) Height – How Tall?

Horseshoe Falls (Sabie) height is 10 m (32.81 ft).

Meters: 10 m
Feet: 32.8084 ft
Inches: 393.7008 in
Kilometers: 0.01 km
Miles: 0.006213712 mi

About Horseshoe Falls (Sabie)

The Horseshoe Falls is an enchanting waterfall that can be found on the Panorama Route in Mpumalanga, South Africa, and its coordinates are 25° 7′ 50″ S, 30° 41′ 41″ E.

Asides the Horseshoe Falls (Sabie) height of 10 m (32.81 ft), below are some facts about the magnificent waterfall.

Firstly, its source river is the Sabie River and stunning birds can be seen leisurely flying around, in some seasons. Secondly, the cliffs around the waterfalls are shaped like a horseshoe literally and the waterfall is some 4 km off the Old Lydenburg Road. Finally, the South African government declared the Horseshoe Falls (Sabie) as a national monument. In fact, the Horseshoe Fall (Sabie), has now grown to become a mild tourist hub. Local huts can even be booked, by travellers looking for thrills.

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