Howick Falls Height

Howick Falls Height – How Tall?

Howick Falls height is 111 m (364.17 ft).

Meters: 111 m
Feet: 364.17 ft
Inches: 4370.08 in
Kilometers: 0.111 km
Miles: 0.0689722 mi

About Howick Falls

Howick Falls is a paranormal fall in South Africa. Held in regard to the locals, the waterfall has come to possess legendary status. Also, it is located in kwaNogqaza, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, and the coordinates of the waterfalls are, 29°29′12″S 30°14′20″E.

According to local legend, Inkanyamba, a giant legendary serpent, is said to live in the pool beneath the waterfall, and only sangomas, traditional healers of South Africa, can approach them. Fortunately, the local legend of the Inkanyamba has transformed the kwaNogqaza into a tourist hub, as people flock to the waterfall. Hotels and lodges are available around.

A famous tourist activity in Howick Falls, kwaNogqaza, is the Gorge Walk. Also, people take a walk around the canyon, to get a better view of the waterfalls. Furthermore, about 40 people have lost their lives in the Howick Falls. Causes of death include suicide, murder or slipping.

Without a doubt, the waterfall definitely has paranormal activities happening.

Some Facts About Howick Falls

Asides the Howick Falls height is 111 m (364.17 ft), we have outlined some facts about the legendary waterfalls.

Firstly, Howick is a ‘punchbowl’ waterfall and its watercourse is the Mgeni River. Secondly, the first recorded death was in 1851. Also, America base jumper and skydiver Jeb Corliss, almost died in the waterfalls, after he jumped from the falls and his parachute opening went asymmetric. Finally, it was discovered by White European Explorers in the 1800s.