Jin Mao Tower Height
By JesseW900 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Jin Mao Tower Height – How Tall?

Jin Mao Tower height is 382 m, 420.5 m (to tip).

Meters: 382 m, 420.5 m (to tip)
Feet: 1253.281 ft, 1379.593 ft (to tip)
Inches: 15039.37 in, 16555.12 in (to tip)
Kilometers: 0.382 km, 0.4205 km (to tip)
Miles: 0.2373638 mi, 0.2612866 mi (to tip)

It is a high rise building in Shanghai China, that forms the Lujiazui skyline, along with the Shanghai Tower, and three other buildings. Also, the architectural style of the building is Neo-Futurism. Furthermore, Jin Moa Tower is located in 88 Century Avenue Pudong District, Shanghai200121, China and its coordinates are  31°14′14″N 121°30′05″E / 31.23722°N 121.50139°E.

Jin Mao Tower Observation Deck or Skywalk

The Jin Mao Tower like the Shanghai Tower has an observation deck also called the Skydeck on the 88th floor, located 340.1 meters (1,116 ft), above ground. Also, the Skydeck is more than capable to accommodate more than one thousand people at once. Furthermore, the observation deck occupies an area of 1,520 m2 (16,400 sq ft). Tickets prices to access the Skywalk averages about 45 RMB for children and 88 RMB  for adults.

Some Facts

Asides Jin Mao Tower height of 382 m, or 420.5 m (to tip), we have outlined some other facts about the building.

Firstly, Adrian Smith (architect), designed the building and SOM – American building planning firm – raised the structure up from the ground. Secondly, the building is made up of 88 floors and it has 3 basement floors and 5 spire floors. Also, it is estimated that the building, has a total floor count of 95.

About US$530 million, was used in constructing the Jin Mao Tower and the top floor of the building is located at a height of 348.4 meters (1,143 ft), above ground. Also, there are about sixty-one (61), lift (elevators) in the building. Furthermore, the total floor area in the building is estimated at 289,500 m2 (3,116,000 sq ft). Finally, the building has 3 main entrances.