KVLY-TV Mast Height
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KVLY-TV Mast Height – How Tall?

KVLY-TV Mast height is 629 m (2063.648 ft).

Meters: 629 m
Feet: 2063.648 ft
Inches: 24763.78 in
Kilometers: 0.629 km
Miles: 0.3908425 mi

About KVLY-TV Mast

The KVLY-TV Mast is a television broadcasting mast and the third tallest man-made structure ever built. At one point after the collapse of the Warsaw Radio Mast, it was the tallest structure in the world before being surpassed as the tallest structure in the world by the Burj Khalifa. Today, it is the second tallest structure on earth. Construction for the KVLY-TV Mast began in earnest on July 13, 1963, and finished on August 13, 1963. The construction of the mast took only 30 days. The KVLY-TV Mast is located in Blanchard, Traill County, North Dakota, United States of America. It precise location coordinates are 47°20′32″N 97°17′21″W. Since the mast is so tall, it can be seen from at least 2 miles away.

Other Facts

Asides the KVLY-TV Mast height is 629 m (2063.648 ft), below are some facts.

  1. The cost of building the mast was $500,000 USD, in 1963. Adjusted for inflation, the mast would cost roughly $4 million dollars today.
  2. Gray Television owns the mast.
  3. The mast signals reach an average 9,700 square miles (25,000 km2) of area.
  4. There is an elevator on the mast that carries only two people to the top.
  5. The mast broadcasts 44 television channels at a frequency of 356 kilohertz.
  6. Kline Iron and Steel of South Carolina and Hamilton Erection Company of York constructed the mast.
  7. It is the fourth tallest man-made structure on earth.