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Ngadi Chuli Height – How Tall?

Ngadi Chuli height is 7871 m (25823.49 ft).

Meters: 7871 m
Feet: 25823.49 ft
Inches: 309881.9 in
Kilometers: 7.871 km
Miles: 4.890813 mi

Ngadi Chuli, also known as Peak 29, is a prominent mountain located in the Annapurna Himal range of the Himalayas, in north-central Nepal. It stands at an elevation of approximately 7,871 meters (25,823 feet) above sea level. Ngadi Chuli is notable for its challenging climbing routes and remote location, which have made it a lesser-known but coveted destination for experienced mountaineers seeking high-altitude challenges. The mountain’s name, Ngadi Chuli, translates to “peak with ornaments” in the local Gurung language, reflecting its aesthetic appeal and prominence in the region. Despite its significant elevation, Ngadi Chuli is less frequently climbed compared to some of the more well-known peaks in the Annapurna region due to its technical difficulties and the remote location of its base camps.

About Ngadi Chuli

Ngadi Chuli is the twentieth (20th), the highest mountain in the world. It is located in Nepal and its coordinates are 28°30′12″N84°34′00″E. Also, its parent mountain is Manaslu Mountain (eight highest mountain on earth).

The summit of Ngadi Chuli was first reached by some Japanese mountaineers in 1961. Despite the fact that the mountain is not too high, very few people have attempted to reach the summit.