Space Needle Height

Space Needle Height – How Tall?

Space Needle height is 184 m (603.6745 ft).

Meters: 184 m
Feet: 603.6745 ft
Inches: 7244.094 in
Kilometers: 0.184 km
Miles: 0.1143323 mi

Space Needle Information

The Space Needle was the tallest building in Seattle and Washington from 1962 to 1969. Construction of the Space Needle began on April 17, 1961, and finished on December 8, 1961. The building opened to the general public on April 21, 1962. Space Needle Corporation currently owns the building.

The Space Needle was designed by architectural firm John Graham & Company (now defunct). Structural engineers John K. Minasian and Seattle architect Victor Steinbrueck (now dead) erected the building. The Space Needle is located at 400 Broad Street Seattle, Washington 98109. Its coordinates are 47.6204°N 122.3491°W.


The Space needle has to be a place for many successful and unsuccessful suicides attempts. On March 4, 1974, Paul D. Baker, climbed to the top of the building and jumped to his death. In doing that, he became the first person to commit suicide in the building. On May 25, 1974, another woman jumped from the observation deck to her death. On July 5, 1978, a second woman jumped from the building to her death. Artificial barriers have been installed on the building to prevent suicide attempts, but have not been 100%, foolproof.

Space Needle Facts

Asides the Space Needle height of 184 m (603.6745 ft), below are some facts about it:

  1. It was officially designated a Seattle landmark on April 19, 1999.
  2. Since the structure is a tower, it doesn’t have many floors. Despite its height, it only has six (6) floors and three (3), lifts or elevators.
  3. The Space Needle served as a filming site for the 1993 film Sleepless in Seattle.