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Suzhou IFS Height – How Tall?

Suzhou IFS height is 450 m (1476.28 ft).

Meters: 450 meters (m)
Centimeters: 45000 centimeters (cm)
Feet: ‚Äč1476.378 feet (ft)
Inches: 17716.54 inches (in)
Millimeters: 450000 millimeters (mm)
Kilometers: 0.45 kilometers (km)
Miles: 0.279617 miles (mi)
Nautical Miles: 0.2429806 nautical miles (nmi)
Yards: 492.126 yards (yd)
Light-Years: 4.756605347E-14 light-years (ly).

About Suzhou IFS

Suzhou IFS is a skyscraper located in Suzhou, China. The building spaces are used for offices, hotels, and apartments. Construction of the building began on May 12, 2010; it was then completed in 2016. The building has 98 floors.