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Sydney Opera House Height

Sydney Opera House height is 65 m (213.255 ft).

Meters: 65 m
Feet: 213.2546 ft
Inches: 2559.055 in
Kilometers: 0.065 km
Miles: 0.04038913 mi
Nautical miles: 0.03509719 nmi
Yards: 71.08486 yd
Light-years: 6.870652168E-15 ly.

About the Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House Height

The Sydney Opera House is a building in New South Wales, Australia, used for performing arts. Construction of the building started on 1 March 1959, and completed in 1973. The building was then inaugurated and opened to the general public on 20 October 1973. Its height is given below in various units of length.

Sydney Opera House Height

The Sydney Opera house is divided into 6 main sections, used for different kinds of performances, and can hold a total number of five thousand, seven hundred and thirty-eight (5738), people. Its Concert Hall can seat two thousand, six hundred and seventy-nine (2,679) people. The Joan Sutherland Theatre can accommodate, One thousand, five hundred and seven (1,507), people. The Drama Theatre five hundred and forty-four (544), people. The Playhouse three hundred and ninety-eight (398), people. And finally, The Studio and Utzon Room can accommodate, four hundred (400) and two hundred and ten (210), people respectively.

The Opera house is located in Bennelong Point, Sydney. The coordinates are 33°51′31.2″S151°12′50.5″E.

Other Facts

  1. The cost of building the Sydney Opera house is estimated at A$102 million. Adjusted for inflation, the building would cost about A$950 million in 2018.
  2. The building is owned by the NSW Government of Australia.
  3. It was designed by Jørn Utzon and erected by the structural engineering firm Ove Arup & Partners.
  4. Asides the 6 main facilities, the opera house also has restaurants and recording studios.
  5. The ceramics of the Sydney Opera House are glazed.
  6. The Sydney Harbor bridge is close to the Sydney Opera House.
  7. Finally, Sydney Opera House height is 65 m (213.255 ft)