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7 Tesla Car Models Height, and Other Dimensions

Tesla, Inc. produces several electric vehicles (EVs) with various models that cater to different market segments.

1. Tesla Cybertruck Height

Tesla Cybertruck height is 190.5 cm (6 ft 3 in). (All wheel drive 2019 version)

Feet: 6.25 ft
Feet + Inches: 6 ft 3 in
Inches: 75 in
Meters: 1.905 m

Centimeters: 190.5 cm

Tesla Cybertruck height is 179.07 cm (5 ft 10.5 in). (All wheel drive 2023 version)

Feet: 5.875 ft
Feet + Inches: 5 ft 10.5 in
Inches: 70.5 in
Meters: 1.791 m

Centimeters: 179.07 cm

About Tesla CyberTruck

The Tesla Cybertruck is an all-electric pickup truck developed by Tesla, Inc. It was officially unveiled by CEO Elon Musk in November 2019. The Cybertruck gained immediate attention for its unconventional and futuristic design, featuring a stainless-steel exoskeleton and angular, geometric shapes.

2. Tesla Roadster Height

Tesla Roadster height is 112.78 cm (3 ft 8.4 in). Original

Feet: 3.7 ft
Feet + Inches: 3 ft 8.4 in
Inches: 44.4 in
Meters: 1.1
3 m
Centimeters: 112.78 cm

Tesla Roadster height is 120 cm (3 ft 11.24 in). (Second Generation)

Feet: 3.94 ft
Feet + Inches: 3 ft 11.24 in
Inches: 47.24 in
Meters: 1.20 m

Centimeters: 120 cm

About Roadster

  • The original Tesla Roadster was Tesla’s first production car, introduced in 2008. It was based on the Lotus Elise chassis and featured an all-electric powertrain.
  • The Roadster had a range of approximately 245 miles (393 km) on a single charge, making it one of the first electric cars to offer a significant range.
  • In 2017, Tesla announced a new generation of the Roadster. Unlike the first Roadster, this second-generation model is a completely new design and not based on an existing car chassis.
  • The upcoming Roadster is touted as one of the fastest production cars globally, with claimed acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in under 1.9 seconds.
DescriptionMeasurement (in)Measurement (mm)
Overall Length155.4 in3,946 mm
Overall width (including mirrors)72.9 in1,851 mm
Overall Height44.4 in1,127 mm
Wheel Base92.6 in2,351 mm
Overhang - Front34.3 in871 mm
Overhang - Rear28.5 in723 mm
Ground clearance (mid laden weight)5.12 in130 mm
Track - Front57.7 in1,455.6 mm
Track - Rear59.0 in1,484.5 mm

3. Tesla Model 3 Height

Tesla Model 3 height is 144.3 cm (4 ft 8.81 in).

Feet: 4.73 ft
Feet + Inches: 4 ft 8.81 in
Inches: 56.81 in
Meters: 1.443 m

Centimeters: 144.3 cm

About Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 is a more affordable electric sedan aimed at a broader market. It was unveiled in 2016 and has become one of the best-selling electric cars globally.

The Model 3 is available in different configurations, including Standard Range Plus, Long Range, and Performance, each with different performance and range characteristics.

Overall Length184.8 in4,695 mm
Overall Width (including mirrors)
Overall Width (including folded mirrors)
Overall Width (excluding mirrors)
82.2 in
76.1 in
72.8 in
2,088 mm
1,933 mm
1,850 mm
Overall Height56.8 in1,445 mm
Wheel Base113.2 in2,875 mm
Overhang - Front33 in841 mm
Overhang - Rear39 in978 mm
Ground Clearance5.5 in140 mm
Track - Front
Track - Rear
62.2 in
62.2 in
1,580 mm
1,580 mm

4. Tesla Model S Height

Tesla Model S height is 144.5 cm (4 ft 8.89 in).

Feet: 4.74 ft
Feet + Inches: 4 ft 8.8
9 in
Inches: 56.8
9 in
Meters: 1.445 m

Centimeters: 144.5 cm

About Tesla Model S

The Model S is a luxury sedan that was introduced in 2012. It is known for its high performance, long-range capabilities, and sleek design.

Over the years, the Model S has undergone updates and improvements, with different variants offering varying ranges and performance features.

DescriptionMeasurement (in)Measurement (mm)
Overall Length197.75,021
Overall Width (including mirrors)
Overall Width (excluding mirrors)
Overall Height*:
- suspension set to medium
- suspension set to highest**
Wheel Base116.52,960
Overhang - Front37.8961
Overhang - Rear43.31,100
Ground Clearance*:
- suspension set to lowest
- suspension set to medium
- suspension set to highest**
Track - Front and Rear66.51,690

5. Tesla Model X Height

Tesla Model X height is 168.4 cm (5 ft 6.29 in).

Feet: 5.52 ft
Feet + Inches: 5 ft 6.29 in
Inches: 66.29 in
Meters: 1.684 m

Centimeters: 168.4 cm

About Tesla Model X

The Model X is an all-electric SUV with distinctive falcon-wing doors. It was introduced in 2015 and is known for its advanced features, including a large panoramic windshield and third-row seating.

Similar to the Model S, the Model X has seen updates and improvements since its initial release.

DescriptionMeasurement (in)Measurement (mm)
Overall Length198.9 in5,052 mm
Overall Width (including mirrors)
Overall Width (including folded mirrors)
Overall Width (excluding mirrors)
89.4 in
81.6 in
78.7 in
2,271 mm
2,072 mm
1,999 mm
Overall Height66 in*1,684 mm*
Wheel Base116.7 in2,965 mm
Overhang - Front38.9 in989 mm
Overhang - Rear43.2 in1,098 mm
Ground Clearance:
Standard, with skis
Standard, without skis
Very high, with skis
Very high, without skis
7 in
7 in
8 in
9 in
171 mm
183 mm
211 mm
223 mm
Track - Front
Track - Rear
67.1 in
67.3 in
1,705 mm
1,710 mm
Track - Front and Rear66.51,690

6. Tesla Model Y Height

Tesla Model Y height is 162.56 cm (5 ft 4 in).

Feet: 6.17 ft
Feet + Inches: 5 ft 4 in
Inches: 64 in
Meters: 1.6256 m

Centimeters: 162.56 cm

About Tesla Model Y

The Model Y is a compact electric SUV that shares a platform with the Model 3. It was introduced in 2020 and has quickly gained popularity.

The Model Y is available in several configurations, offering different ranges and performance options.

Overall Length187 in4751 mm
Overall Width (including mirrors)
Overall Width (including folded mirrors)
Overall Width (excluding mirrors)
83.8 in
77.9 in
75.6 in
2129 mm
1978 mm

1921 mm
Overall Height64 in1624 mm
Wheel Base113.8 in2890 mm
Overhang - Front34.4 in875 mm
Overhang - Rear38.8 in986 mm
Ground Clearance (with 2 passengers)Performance 6.2 in
Non-Performance 6.8 in
Performance 157 mm
Non-Performance 172 mm
Track, non 21" wheels - Front
Track, non 21" wheels - Rear
Track, 21" wheels - Front
Track, 21" wheels - Rear
64.4 in
64.4 in
64.8 in
64.2 in
1636 mm
1636 mm
1646 mm
1630 mm

7. Tesla Semi Height

Tesla Semi height is 408.94 cm (13 ft 5 in).

Feet: 13.42 ft
Feet + Inches: 13 ft 5 in
Inches: 161 in
Meters: 4.0
9 m
Centimeters: 408.94 cm

About Tesla Semi

The Tesla Semi is an all-electric Class 8 semi-truck developed by Tesla, Inc. It was first unveiled by CEO Elon Musk in November 2017, and it represents Tesla’s foray into the commercial freight industry. The Tesla Semi is designed to offer a more sustainable and cost-effective transportation solution compared to traditional diesel-powered trucks.