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Willis Tower Height | How Tall is the Building?

Willis Tower height is 527 m (1729 ft).

Meters: 527 m;
Feet: 1729.003 ft;
Inches: 20748.03 in;
Kilometers: 0.527 km;
Miles: 0.3274626 mi;
Nautical miles: 0.2845572 nmi;
Yards: 576.3342 yd;
Light-years: 5.570513374E -15 ly.

About Willis Tower

Willis tower is a tall skyscraper in Chicago, Illinois.

A popular tourist destination, the Willis Tower is the second tallest man-made structure in the western hemisphere at some point.

Also, the tower is located in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. Its coordinates are 41°52′44″N87°38′09″W.

Sky deck, Tickets, and Restaurants

The Willis Tower on the 103rd floor has an observation deck, called the sky deck. Here tourist can observe the. It also has many restaurants in the building complex. Tickets for access into the buildings can be gotten from travel websites like expedia.com

Other Facts

  1. About 1 million people visit the building every year.
  2. America’s United Airlines are tenants in the building.
  3. The Willis Tower has 110 stories.
  4. It is also referred to as the Sears Tower.
  5. It is owned by Black Stone group.
  6. Its main contractor is Morse Diesel International.
  7. The Willis Tower total floor area occupies a space of 416,000 m2(4,477,800 sq ft.
  8. The top floor is 412.7 m (1,354 ft) above ground level.
  9. The tip of the building is 527 m (1,729 ft) above ground level.
  10. Construction of the building to three years.
  11. 1.7 million people visit the sky deck annually.
  12. Sunset from the sky deck is stunning.

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Willis Tower Height