Wuhan Center Height
By Baycrest - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5, Link

Wuhan Center Height – How Tall?

Wuhan Center is 438 m (1437 ft).

Meters: 438 m
Feet: 1437 ft
Inches: 17244.09 in
Miles: 0.2722 mi
Kilometers: 0.438 km

About Wuhan Center

Wuhan centre is a tall skyscraper in central China with a height of 438 meters. It is currently the tallest building in Central China.

Construction of the building began in 2013 and the building was later completed in 2017. Oceanwide Holdings was hired as the developer for the building. Also, ECADI was hired as the structural and servicing engineer.

China State Construction Engineering were the main contractor of the Wuhan Center.