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Zifeng Tower Height – How Tall?

Zifeng Tower height is 450 m (1476.378 ft).

Meters: 450 m
 1476.378 ft;
Inches: 17716.54 in;
Kilometers: 0.45 km;
Miles: 0.279617 mi.

About Zifeng Tower

The Zifeng Tower is a high rise building in Nanjing, China with a height of 450 meters.

The building is also referred to as Greenland Square Zifeng Tower or Greenland Center-Zifeng Tower; it was also called Nanjing Greenland Financial Center at a point in time.

The Zifeng tower has broken some records locally. It is officially the sixth tallest building in China and the tallest building in Nanjing.