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Zubeida Begum Dhanrajgir Height – How Tall?

Zubeida Begum Dhanrajgir height is 158 cm (5 ft 2.2 in).

Feet: 5.18 ft
Feet + Inches: 5 ft 2.2 in
Inches: 62.2 in
Meters: 1.58 m

Centimeters: 158 cm

About Zubeida Begum Dhanrajgir

Zubeida Begum Dhanrajgir was born in 1911. She was an Indian film actress who acted in the first Indian talkie movie Alam Ara (1931).

Also, she starred in early hits Devdas (1937), and Sagar Movietone‘s first talkie, Meri Jaan.

She died in 1988.